Question: What am I doing wrong with my homemade antenna??? please help



I have a couple of friends that have purchased an antenna and they get about 15 channels. I have read online and watched a few videos on youtube where people have said you can build one that will work just as good. I cant seem to get mine to work quite right. The only channels I get are 5 from local less then 10 miles away. They both have theirs mounting in their attics and mine is just on the ground floor level. I am not sure if the issue is something is built wrong, or I just need to elevate mine. I also notice that everyone seems to wire theirs in the middle.

1) Does it have to be wired in the middle? Mine is just wired at the bottom. If so why? Id love to learn the reason...
2) Do I have to have a balun attached? If so, again why and what is the best kind / hertz i need?

here is a picture of what I have so far:

What are you doing wrong? About everything. Start over with a good with a good set of plans, and follow them as closely as possible. It looks like you started with a YouTube defect, and then didn't follow the plans.
Start by using the dimensions of a Mclapp 4 bay, or Kosmic SuperQuad antenna. They are both good proven designs.
DIY TV Antennas 4 bays, 2 bays, Kits and more
PDF Drawings
Building a good antenna can take some time, patience, study, and building skill. A well built 4 bay can take time to construct properly. Building on wood is not a great idea.
A well built correctly designed 2 bay will work better then a poorly designed, and built 4 bay. A 2 bay is a lot simpler project. I've built several of them.
2 Bay Kit
UHF M2 2-Bay Bowtie - NO Reflector
The H2 is a recent design I haven't tried yet.
UHF H2 (11x12) 2-Bay Bowtie - NO Refl
Take your time. Do some research.
Post a TV Fool report for your location.
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A UHF only antenna is not the right design for all locations.