What are some good private channels on Roku?



What are some good private channels to add on Roku? I know a few (Nowhere TV and myVideoBuzz), but I'd like to hear what everyone has added here.


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All of those are public channels. Personally, I think that all of the private channels that I had have since gone away. That is other than PlayOn which let's me access PlayOn on my computer.
There are still some good ones left. A lot of the private international channels were shut down when Dish Network stuck their nose where it doesn't belong. They are now the "international content police" for Roku, and their international Roku packages are not worth it. Their Vietnamese "package" is one Vietnamese channel, their Filipino package is two channels that nobody wants, and they throw in a few English channels that are available for free in the channel store. The only ones that may be worth it may be a package from India - but there is so much free content form India on the net, why bother? They charge $15 a month whether your package has one channel or 25 channels in your language.

You can search for channels (public and private) here: catastrophegirl's roku channel list
Here's a list of some channels that are now dead (many of them killed by Dish) catastrophegirl's roku channel list: Dead Channels