What are you watching on Halloween?

Anyone watching any horror movies this evening? We're probably going to watch Nightmare on Elm Street tonight as we usually do on Halloween, but just curious what everyone else is watching here at the forum.


Mad Monster Party? featuring the voices of Boris Karloff and the real creepy Phyllis Diller. Its a claymation movie with The Wolfman, Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, etc. In a nut shell it's about eccentric Baron Boris von Frankenstein (Boris Karloff) throwing a party for all of his monster friends except for one, because that one could easily destroy all the other monsters. Unfortunately, the uninvited monster shows up at the party near the end of the movie and lets just say, it's a big surprise for all.
This is going to sound pretty crazy for a 62 yr old man, but I happened to flick on "The Fog" earlier today. I forgot Jaime Lee Curtis was in it! Saw the guy with a hook ... hmmm... maybe the EPG was off by an hour... maybe not The Fog. Anyway, I decided I had to turn it off! Too scary for 62 y.o. guy.

Thing is, I was very tired. Been camping out at the computer for days, trying to snag best deal in the universe on a used computer. Normally, I B all down 4 a slasher flick.

Funniest thing on TV was Fox News. :becky: Megyn Kelly was having a BALL quoting internal memos from the administration stating total number of enrollees to ObamaCare on Oct. 1 for the ENTIRE NATION was six (6). Next day, it was like 110. It was nice to see her having fun again. Other day I swear she almost cried a couple times... interviewing some uber-liberal, repeating clips from Obama "You like your plan, you can KEEP your plan," over and over, interspersed with reports from NBC, CBS, Washington Post... on what ACTUALLY happened... TRYING to get uber-lib to admit he was deceiving (didn't even use the "L" word)... but no -- the devil never runs out of more lies to pile on top of the old lies. Then talking to Britt Hume ... "But, isn't there SOME consequence he (Obama) has to pay for deceiving the nation??" Britt Hume (been around forever) hems and haws...

Lady is a lawyer ... has to be pushing 30... three kids ... I guess she had to grow up sooner or later. But tonight was fun.