What channel is Nascar on?



I have Comcast, and I'm looking to find what channels shows the Nascar races and highlights. Also, is there a Pay Pay View Nascar event or channel?


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In Oz, most/all races a FTA on One HD. Usually very late at night. They are also on SPEED on pay TV IIRC.

V8 Supercars, Formula 1, and probably WRC are more popular motorsports here. Likely due to having actual corners. ;)

Offtopic, and almost definatelly at least partially put on, I find Darrell Waltrip's V8 Supercar hotlap hilarious:



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Fox only carries some of the races throughout the season. TNT gets several summer races and ESPN gets the Chase races for the most part. I think ABC is still in the mix, too and gets some races. It's definitely a multi-channel system. You have to watch the schedule to see who is broadcasting as the season progresses.