What channels are being blacked out?



I'm trying to find out what channels are being blocked out with the Tribune disagreement. Anyone know????

Thomas G

Here you go

Local Stations:
WGN (CW) Chicago, IL Ch. 9
KDAF (CW) Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Ch. 33
KWGN (CW) Denver, CO Ch. 2
WXMI (FOX) Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo, MI Ch. 17
WPMT (FOX) Harrisburg-Lancaster, PA Ch. 43
WTIC (FOX) Hartford-New Haven, CT Ch. 61
WCCT (CW) Hartford-New Haven, CT Ch. 20
KIAH (CW) Houston, TX Ch. 39
WXIN (FOX) Indianapolis, IN Ch. 59
WTTV (CW) Indianapolis, IN Ch. 4
KTLA (CW) Los Angeles, CA Ch. 5
WSFL (CW) Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL Ch. 39
AZA (AZA) Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL Ch. 40
WGNO (ABC) New Orleans, LA Ch. 26
WNOL (CW) New Orleans, LA Ch. 38
WPIX (CW) New York, NY Ch. 11
WPHL (MNT) Philadelphia, PA Ch. 17
KRCW (CW) Portland, OR Ch. 32
KTXL (FOX) Sacramento-Stockton, CA Ch. 40
KSWB (FOX) San Diego, CA Ch. 69
KCPQ (FOX) Seattle-Tacoma, WA Ch. 13
KZJO (MNT) Seattle, Tacoma, WA Ch. 22
WDCW (CW) Washington, DC – Hagerstown, MD Ch. 50
KPLR (CW) Saint Louis, MO Ch. 11

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KCPQ (FOX) Seattle-Tacoma, WA Ch. 13
KZJO (MNT) Seattle, Tacoma, WA Ch. 22
Of course it doesn't bother me at all because I use an antenna for free reception of both channels above. KCPQ also carries AccuWeather 24/7 on their 13.2 subchannel and KZJO offers the AntennaTV Network on their 22.3 subchannel. Between those two stations, I receive 5 channels. FREE works for meeee!