What Character Are You?


In the show, what character would you say that you most resemble in a real life situation or environment. It could be anyone you want. Maybe it's someone you think, or someone else thinks you are.


I'm totally more like Bryan and anyone else on that show. My attitude is like his all the time. I am usually the "smarter" person of my group of people, and I am the weird one sometimes, too.


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Once again, just another Brian on these forums. I think that I always make my friends feel a little bit smarter when I leave them. I make the smart and educated comments that always seem to make them ask, "What?"
Most consider me a Quagmire/Brian. I love women, and I have a way with them, but I also like to drink and I'm a liberal like Brian is.
I would have to say that I am more like Stewie; the world domination thing and all.

In my younger days, I was definitely a Quagmire. Definitely more like Brian now days. I'm glad no one said they were like the creepy old child molester guy on there. ;)


That would be funny if someone would actually say outloud that they were something like Mr. Herbert--the old guy who liked little boys. How about the greased-up deaf guy?