What Converter Box is for Outdoor Antenna going to ALL TVs?

I have a 6 ft outdoor antenna that goes through an amplifier before being split off to 4 TV sets. I purchased a Magnavox converter only to learn that it is only to be used on ONE TV at a time. What I need to a converter for the ANTENNA so that ALL my TVs will get the new DTV signal. Can anyone tell me a make and model number that has this? PLEASE - I don't have to have to buy 4 converter boxes! Thanks.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
I've found a converter box that will allow someone to connect multiple TVs to it, and use a single antenna. The MultiBox.

But...It's manufactured in Sweden, and the manufacture's website doesn't mention anything about the CECB working on a U.S. TV, or receiving U.S. digital television signals. I've sent them an email asking for more information. This unit is also not listed on the Government's list of elgible digital-to-analog converter boxes for use with the $40 DTV coupon.

Information from the product sheet:
• Compact unit with 3 DVB-T receivers
• Watch free-to-air digital programs on all TV-sets
• 3 embedded modulators
• Automatic installation
• NICAM stereo
• 12-volt power supply
• Very low power consumption
you will have to have a box for each tv there are no US boxes that support multiple tvs European models do not support the video format we use in the states so they will not work here even dvd players vcrs and dvrs will not work there if they are manufactured for here or vise versa. they use one video format and we use the other.:)

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