What did you watch yesterday?


We watched Liar, Liar with Jim Carey for the lunch meal. I didn't even think about it being appropriate for certain family members, but it actually was. :eek:

Then later, when the grandkids came over for dinner we watched Santa Clause3 with Tim Allen for about the 10th time. :D
Liar Liar is such a good movie. I love the out-takes from it. :)

My favorite Jim Carey movie has to be The Grinch, we just watched that yesterday as kind of a kick off to getting the holidays started. Very cute movie too.


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We watched the Macey's Thanksgiving Day Parade! I don't think I've missed it in the past 3 decade. It's a big family tradition now for us, we wake up, make pancakes, and eat by the TV. :)


i watched texas chainsaw massacre 3. it is not bad at all. but i think it has the same story with the first two Texas chainsaw massacre movies.