What dish to get dtv hd

Jason Fritz

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I have hdtv but i am using basic direct tv but want hd now
What model number is your set top box / receiver? Are you currently subscribed to DirecTV? You're going to want the 5LNB Dish and a HD receiver to receive all of their HD programming including local HD too.

This is Direct from DirecTV's website:

How do I know if I have the proper equipment and installation? What equipment do I need?

The only way to access the new HD services is to have all of the following:
(a) Advanced set top box: DIRECTV HD receiver (models H20, H21) or DIRECTV Plus HD DVR receiver (models HR20 or HR21)
(b) B-Band Converter (BBC) to the satellite input of your HD receiver (DIRECTV Plus HD DVR require two BBC's) or must be a new Single Wire Multi-switch installation without a BBC
(c) 5-LNB dish
(d) If a multiswitch is required, it must be a wideband 6x8.

DirecTV is currently updating the page that has the above information, so I used Google's cache ( DIRECTV: HD FAQs ) find the above info. Here's the original link which will probably be back up soon: DIRECTV.COM

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