What do I have to do to get what ive been promised - DirecTV

I have been dealing with this since I signed up from my account. I've been promise a reward card multiple times and I wait to get them. An they never come, this last one. I was promise a credit to $100 to my bill añd $100 Visa gift card on 11-21-16. So I have waited for over 8 weeks, and you guys say it takes 4-6 weeks. I would like a credit to my account again or something for having to wait and not receive my gift card. I'm not gonna wait another 4-6 weeks to not receive my card. That has happen twice and I've only been a member since August. It's getting really frustrating, especially when I have brought you guys 6 of my friends to sign up for a account. An they receive all thier items before I have.

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