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Hello, in July 2016 we moved from Northern California to San Diego, CA. Our first day in our new place, we had Directv scheduled to install. Unfortunately, the technician found that there was not a line of site available at our location, and we had to cancel our service. We did order service with AT&T UVerse instead, keeping it in the family, but we sadly had to cancel our Directv service.

We were told that we would receive a box through the mail to return our equipment. We waited and waited and after not receiving the boxes for a few weeks we called, and were told that the boxes were sent to our old address. So, they resent the boxes. We waited a few more weeks, still nothing. We called again. Once again the boxes were mailed to our old address. Finally, on the third attempt, the boxes were received and we returned our equipment.

In September we received an email that a refund in the form of a citibank visa card was issued to us and would be mailed...to our old address! We called right away and were told that we had to wait two weeks to see if it showed up at our new address, before we could do anything.

We have called on numerous occassions. We called citibank, as a couple of representatives have told us, only to be told by citibank that they had no idea what we were talking about.

And to make matters more frustrating, we have received (1) a letter to our NEW address confirming that our refund was sent (2) MANY mailings to our NEW address asking us to come back to Directv (3) and the most frustrating of all...a voicemail on November 24th from a representative stating that our refund was re-issued and mailed and that we should receive it by October 18th. This voicemail was left for me on November 24th!!

After hours on the phone, and much frustration...I do not know where to go next. I cannot call one more time to be told the same thing once again. I am at my wits end. I tried to click the "CHAT" feature today on the website...but it appears to be missing. So there is no way to submit a ticket or complaint or anything...in writing.

What is the suggested route for this?

I use to be the biggest Directv fan, but this whole experience has left me very angry and disappointed. I could NEVER recommend Directv to someone again, and I would never go back. Unless of course a serious action was taken on behalf of Directv to show their remorse for this frustrating scenario in refuding money that is due to me. This is not Directv's money. This is my money. Right?

Okay, end of rant. Please oh please, tell me you have a solution for me!

Unhappy ex-customer

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