What do you call the TV? (or what are some funny names for TV)

Thomas G

Bored today, so here is a silly topic. :) What do you call the TV when having a conversation?

Boob tube?
Idiot box?
Goggle box?

Am I missing anything? :pop2:


The television is one of the few devices my wife (and I) haven't named. Some of the devices have obvious names; others not-so-much:

  • Sony Blu-Ray player = Ray
  • (new) Sony Home Theater System = Doc
  • (old) Samsung Home Theater System = Sammy
  • (new) TiVo DVR = ViTo
  • (old) Philips DVR = Phil
  • Roomba = Ella (as in Cinderella, because we put her in a room, close her in, and force her to clean)
  • Garbage Disposal = Georgina


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Most of the time, "TV", unless I'm talking to my girlfriend in the other room.

Me....."Babe, turn down the TeeeeeVeeeeeeee!"
The "teley" is a guitar, Television is what we watch, non stop all hours of the day and sometimes when we aren't even home. It is as if it is an entity all on its own.
My first TV was called Louise. I like the name and it SUITED her. :cheesy: I've bought another TV and named him Jessy. I don't know. It's just happened. My friend uses locations from her collection of Novels...rather cute.


As a Brit, I can say that we're more likely to call it the "Telly". I've been calling it that since I was knee-high and I still call it that now. I've not heard of anyone calling it the screen though, but I've heard "The box". XD