what do you expect?


what do you think we learn in the upcoming season? or do you think there will only be more questions and fewer answers? what is the biggest shock on the show so far?


I was talking to my husband about the show and he said something interesting. Wouldn't it be stupid if it ended up being all a nightmare Hurley had while he was institutionalized? It's crazy, but it could work. Then all the rest of the cast turn out to be hospital employees or other patients.
With all of the wacky things that have happened in the last 10-15 shows, I wouldn't doubt that it was a dream sequence.

hehehe Teresa, wouldn't that be funny! It would almost be like Wizard of Oz if the cast turned out to be hospital employees.
Someone else said that and I thought oh no there is no way it could be that. I have talked to someone else who knows one of the producers of the show that has told me that this is going to turn out to be some big hoax. The hoax will have been played on all or most of the characters on the island with some of the players being part of the hoax itself.
I have a real hard time following that theory but in the scheme of things and how the writers have twisted and turned the knife in viewers more than once anything is possible!


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I just saw a preview for it again last night, something about having to go back to the island.....lol I lost interest in this show after the 2nd year.


I would rather they go back to the island. All the flash backs and flash forwards were too much for me! I had a difficult time following it, and thus a difficult time wanting to follow it.
I agree Dadadee the last season was a bit much for me. I got so confused during it that I was really frustrated with the whole mess. It was very hard to follow and if you missed one part of one episode you could be Lost yourself!
I hope that they make things a bit easier for the viewer to comprehend this year. If not I may stop watcing myself. I loved the show in the beginning but I am a bit sick and tired of no answers at all!


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I think they are going back to the island but I am sort of lost as to what they are going to do when they get there. I hope they are done with the back to the future and then the past scenes. I truly could not keep up last season.
So who thinks that Locke is truly dead??? I wonder if he is really gone or it is a hoax?


i have heard the hoax theory as well...i have also heard a theory where everyone was part of a big "game" that was being played (sort of like the movie "rat race"). i think the writers are too smart for something like that and will truly deliver something no one expects.


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I was surprised that when the island finally stopped moving through space and time it came to rest in 1973/4.
I think somehow some of the "Others" are people who have been through similar experiences as the "Lost" victims. For example, one of the flight attendants: Jack remembered her from the flight, but she was with the "Others" acting as one of them when he saw her. (How did she become so instantly accepted, when the "Others" weren't so hospitable to the rest of the passengers?) Perhaps she had been on the island before and left before it was ok to leave, so she had to be stranded there again to "make things right."
What these "things" are that have to be made right, I haven't a clue.
And Richard Alpert??????, is he some sort of guide for all of these "travellers"?
Alpert's a big mystery to me. He said last night that the pylons couldn't keep his people out, the truce was the only thing that kept them away.
And he never ages!!! Is he going through his own flashes of time?? :confused::confused:
Questions and more questions....Can hardly wait until the next episode!!:D