What do you think about your Internet TVs??

Hi. This is Victoria from Quixel Research a TV market intelligence firm based in Portland Oregon
Internet TVs have been around about a year and TV manufacturers want to understand how they are doing. (Should I mention here the part about Google circling the ranch! Panic!)

This is where we need your help. Quixel is working with several TV manufacturers to start a panel of Internet TV owners. They want feedback from the most knowledgeable so we’re hoping that you’ll go to the link we have on HDGURU’s web site to join the Internet TV panel. Someday soon Internet TVs will be mainstream, but until then, your valuable experience and opinions of your Internet TV will help manufacturers fully develop this feature for a more rewarding experience for you and others.

Do not worry; we are not trying to sell you anything. Your name and personal information will not be used, sold, or traded. We just want to know if like your Internet TV.

The panel is just getting started. The plan is to provide members with panel feed, ongoing product updates, details on new products and we’re trying to get together fun prizes, coupons and of course a product giveaway!

Your time and opinions are sincerely appreciated.


Internet Streaming is a non-consideration for us because the providers refuse to voluntarily comply with the US laws that broadcast and cable/satellite service providers are required to comply with, such as the requirements to provide closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

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