What Do You Want


What is it you want in internet television? Me, I want to be able to tune in to any station and watch it live if I want to. This includes cable stations and even movie channels. These networks should move to an advertising supported medium that has worked since the industry started. I also think the whole industry should take a step backwards and adopt a sponsorship advertising model rather than breaking up the show with tons of ads. In my opinion all this does is annoy the average person who is way more interested in seeing the show than they are an ad they have seen 20 times that week already.
When it comes to advertising, less is more in my opinion.


Sounds great to me. I would love to be able to watch television on my laptop anywhere, economically. I would also like to be able to have the full database of shows or movies to pull from. You know, including the ones they have filed away.

I do agree that the advertisements can be excessive on some website. There are other websites that do not have commercial in their programming. I have watched lots of movies without commercial interruption. You may want to check out TVU; which is a software program. It has a variety of shows; and sports programs.


there are so many advantages of internet television. you can watch anytime and anywhere. you can bring along your laptop and just watch whenever you want to. you don't need to go home just to watch your favorite movies or shows.
There are many websites which annoy users with their advertisements and pop ups but since they are streaming what the users want for free, People would not be against using the services, but excessive ads will loose the interest of the person browsing.