What does a person have to do to get some help? - DirecTV

....Last week my dierctv service suddenly displayed the notice that I was not authorized to recieve any service. I called and was informed that "century link" had locked my account. I have never been late on my TV payment and checked my bank account and found that the payment of $381.00 had been taken out of my account on 12-07-16. Directv advised me that I would have to contact Century link.
Contact with Century link said that they only collected the bill and I would have to contact Directv.
After 4hrs and 23 minutes on the phone a tech with Directv "re-set" my account and I got "most" of my services back. I was missing a few channels and my DVR service did not work (again i was unauthorized or I would have to pay a fee). 3 more phone calls and I finally got the whole home dvrback in action.
On 12-18-16 I attempted to tune into my NFL Sunday Ticket that I paid for and AGAIN got the message that I would have to pay 49.95 to watch a game that I have already paid for.
I called Directv and was told that Century link would have to fix the problem....Century Link says they have no control over DTV programming. I asked what if my bill had not been paid and they stated that they would then"suspend" my account but reassured me thay my account was current. Back to DTV...after explaining for the 7th time what the problem was I asked to speak to a supervisor in the US and was informed that they were not authorized to transfer me to anyone in the US.
Again no help!
On the morning of 12-19-2016 I started again with Century Link who after stating there was nothing they could do ...connected me with Kimberly with DirecTv who attempted to get to the bottom of the problem. The last I heard was that she was going to contact Century Link herself for me to give her a number to contact me if we got disconnected. After being on hold for 58minutes 23 seconds the connection was broken on the other end. 4 hours and no call back.
Now after over 6 hours on the phone with no resolution I am on the brink of cancelling all my accounts with ATT&T. With cell phones, internet, and TV I am spending close to $6000 a year.
For that amount I believe I deserve better.

This question, "What does a person have to do to get some help?," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.