What does DTV define as "standard installation"? - DirecTV

Last week I was scheduled for a DTV installation to replace an existing U-verse installation. Upon arrival, we walked the perimeter of the house and found a mutually agreeable location for the dish using no roof or wall penetrations. The tech told me that they normally drill a hole in the side of the house, push the cable through, run along any and all baseboards up to the TV. I'm still scratching my head as to how they transverse across framed interior doorways (up and around the side moldings --- good grief!).

My ideal installation method would involve running from the dish to an attic vent at the top of the side gable and then into the attic. From there, it would be just a matter of connecting to the existing wall drop down to the main TV. At that point, the tech indicated that they don't go into attics.

So two questions: just how the heck would they install a hard wired sytem with 4 different TVs in 4 different rooms --- where is the multiswitch? And secondly, if the installation is using wireless Genie Minis on the other TVs, how the heck does a customer get the SAT cable into the attic where the wall drop to the main Genie/TV is located (without using a hole in an exterior wall and exposed cable alongside baseboards)?

At this point, my installation is on hold until I drag my own butt up into the attic and perform my own prewiring with new RG6 cable and bring it out to the exterior of the gable vent where the tech can just use a barrel connector. Looks like I'd be adding at least these two additional connectors in the cable which I'd perfer to be continuous down to the main Genie to avoid any signal loss.

Did I have an extremely lazy tech or is this what "standard installation" really is?

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