What does Time Warner charge for high definition


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You can easily get this info from their website:

Time Warner Cable | Time Warner Cable | Corporate

Time Warner Cable NYC advertises that they charge no extra fees for HD. But this may vary with package and location.

The only way to tell for sure is to call and ask. Cable pricing is all over the place these days because they offer discounts for various packages.

What I do know is that you'll have to get a HD box. This may incur an extra fee and if it is a DVR you'll have to pay for DVR service too. However there are promotions where you get this for free.

However, you don't need to pay to get HD. You can attach an antenna to your TV and get all of your local channels for FREE. Yup, that's right, free wireless TV, direct from the broadcasters themselves. Crystal clear all digital.


does time warner charge for HD

Yes, they didn't used to but right now, at least in San Diego, they charge you $11/TV.
Dang, $11 USD to get HD per TV? That is just crazy!!! We do not pay any surcharge with AT&T U-Verse to get HD on any of our TVs....if they did charge, then I would promptly say thanks for the chance to try out your service!!!! That just sounds like another way to try and get every dollar from the consumer (ie our) wallets into Time Warner's!