What DTV channels are available in San Antonio, TX


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Looking for list of DTV channels in San Antonio, TX.
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This link shows all the stations known on the air by FCC database and local viewers giving him feedback what they can receive. He uses a county area system that is not the same as Nielsen's DMA but his READS [RabbitEars Area Designation System]

This in no way means you can receive all these stations, just those in your area.



To find what you can probably receive use this website. Note if this site says it's on the air and the above says it isn't, it probably isn't on the air.
TV Fool
You can put in your address, exact is the best. If you are familiar with internet, google maps it's even better to go here first and use coordinates not an address.
Google Maps Latitude, Longitude Popup
You can zoom in on your street and even use satellite view to zoom to your antenna (if your house is not covered by trees). Click on your house, a red balloon appears and you can copy and paste your Lat/Long into TVFool above by clicking Coordinates.

Also estimate your antenna height. If you leave it empty, it assumes 30 ft which is pretty tall these days for a TV antenna on a pole. 12 to 20 ft is more typical install.

If you understand the TVFool fine, if you are the least bit lost, take the link from the TVFool page and copy and paste it back here.

We will be glad to read back the TVFool results to you in less technical terms.

And give you an idea how big or how high you need to place an antenna or if you are good to go on an indoor antenna.

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