What DVD Players do you have?


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Im limiting myself to consumer electronics versions and not computer drives.

Panasonic S97
Oppo 970HD
Panasonic RP56

Looking to get a Philips 5990/5992

Jason Fritz

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We have a Samsung Blu-ray BD-P1500 and a Sony DVD player (Don't know the model # off hand, but it's only a progressive scan DVD player).

We've had a few hiccups with our Samsung over the past year but nothing that prevented us from watching a movie....just little nuisances like not being able to read a discs menu (the Blu-ray movie would just go straight to play) and it has also had problems with pause and play not working correctly. Things have gotten better after a couple of firmware updates.


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Escape Velocity,

please see this about the Philips 5990:

this one looks like a winner to me.

Whatever you get, DO get one that upconverts! well worth the extra $10-20 more.

Here's what we have in the house

Samsung DVD recorder / VCR combo ( FREE), rescued from the trash heap. Just needed a good cleaning and had to buy a remote for $10. If I had paid for this I would be pissed, it sometimes won't close / finalize a burned DVD properly, and won't play on any other macine but this Samsung.

Magnavox upconvert (about $40) <= great value, see below.

Coby ($20) <= Wow. I wish they stll made this - see below.

DVD burner on my media computer on the 52" <= DA BOMB! will replace w/ blu ray burner when prices drop.

Philips - combo crt / dvd <= Nice combo. Was given to us. Philips sold off its TV division in 2008, but still keeps tight control on Funai. I'm not sure who makes their stand alone players... they only got out of the TV set business.

Sylvania - CRT / DVD / VHS combo <= works good, but worst remote on the planet. can't find a universal short of a learning remote that can do half its functions! Most Sylvania stuff is made by Funai these days.

Here's something I've discovered... The cheapo players will play just about anything.

The Coby I got free when we bought our couch... it retailed for about $20.
It plays a DVD FULL of Mp3s, it will play CD+G, VCD, SVCD, RAW MPEG files, and it only chokes on damaged discs, and due to its age, can't deal with Divx or Mp4.

The Magnavox has a noisy drive, but it will play almost anything, too, and has a crisp upconverted image.

I had a SONY DVD / VCD player (it said so right on the front!) that wouldn't play VCDs, except for a few commercial discs... my burned vcds were by the book, they played on all other players. Temperamental and fussy about dvds, too.
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Our primary is a Samsung BD-C9000 Blu-ray Disc player. We also have a Sony RDRGX3300 and a Pioneer 810H-S (both are DVD burners), neither of which we've used in a year or two. Finally, we have an Xbox 360.


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Oh yea, I forgot to include our SONY PS-2, though we've never used it to play movies...

On blu-ray, I am a late adopter, I'd rather let others take the hit for owning "the latest and greatest", and work out the bugs. Hey, how are all you HD-DVD and Betamax owners feeling about THAT purchase?

When it comes time to break down and get a blu-ray, I'm conflicted. Do I just put a blu-ray reader in the media computer for about $ 50, a burner for $100, or buy a PS3? a stand alone player is NOT an option for me...


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Yikes, I don't have the model numbers. I have several DVD players but they tend to be older ones.

Sony portable DVD-R. It can be noisy, but it's USB plug in and I like it.
Sony DVD on old projection TV
Cyberhome that plays PAL options but it is not a true multi region (I really want one of those)

Forget the list -- I don't know the model numbers and am too lazy to go look. Some are DVD/VCR units and some are dedicated DVD only.


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Our primary players:

Sony 400 Disc changer, CX-995V - I'm never buying one of these again unless it has some way to integrate with a PC or a battery for memory backup.
Sony BDP-S560 - free with one of our TVs
Funai NB500MG9 (Magnavox) - Black friday special, our first BD player
Sony BDP-S360 - another black friday special
Custom built HTPC with a LiteON BD-ROM - my solution to the 400 disc boondoggle
Audiovox movies2go player in the car
XBOX 360 (x2)

NOt used that much:
Some Panasonic player I bought at Costco years ago
Some Panasonic 5 DVD changer I bought at Best buy years ago
Philips DVD 702 (gave that one to mom)
Sony PS2 (x2)
I also have a JVC SVHS VCR I use to transfer tapes to my video workstation PC for editing and transfer to digital media.

Suffice to say, no DVD is going to escape from our house unplayed.


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i do not know if my DVD Recorder is multizone, but my store brand dvd player is multizone, now i got a home theatre system and by the info that got from the menu seem be multizone, i wish try with an zone 1 DVD if is truly multizone.

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