What happened to OnDemand (1000) and my DVR Listings - Time Warner TV

This question is about "What happened to OnDemand (1000) and my DVR Listings", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Tonight when I went to view the shows I have recorded on the DVR, the menu is totally different. The shows are no longer grouped together like they used to be. Now the only options are to list by date or title. What happened. If this was suppose to be a upgrade, you missed. It is like going back two years as far a funtionality and usability goes.

Same with the OnDemand listings (1000). Used to have graphical representation of the movie/tv shows and they were all accessible from one place. Now it seems that there are multiple OnDEmand channels which makes finding something a pain.

Way to screw something working well up TWC.

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