What if your situation calls for outdoor antenna and you *really* can't have one?


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So, I went the other day and bought the best TV I could possibly afford, which wasn't so great, but it's at least an SDTV.

I also purchased a "good" indoor antenna that the salesperson insisted would work "fine" for me.

I basically can't get much more of anything than what I had on my crappy 15-year-old analog set with rabbit ears. I can pick up maybe a couple stations' virtual channels, perhaps one other one, but that's about it. So, I still have less than about ten watchable channels, and this is really annoying.

Here's my point: I live in an apartment. There is no "shared" master antenna thing. People who can afford it get a satellite and attach it to their patios and such. **Obviously I can't go erecting a big outdoor antenna, so, I don't know how the situation is going to get a lot better.** My coupon for my analog TV (assuming it arrives and is not rejected at the store, like I've heard some say) is supposed to come around March 27th.

Here is my situation I am dealing with. Not a lot of big stations in this immediate area, please have a look at tvfool to see my circumstance, my zip is 75601.

Yes, a couple of those are close, but they aren't worth a hoot stations. I don't know what to do. I'm disabled, can't get out of the house, and am stuck here. I can't afford cable or I'd already have it. I was optimistic about the whole change, thinking it might help those of us who didn't have much money so that we could also enjoy television, but it doesn't look like this is going to worth anything, seeing as how in my area, an indoor antenna is only going to do so much. I guess I could always choose between cable and my food/medications, huh. (signed, Bitter...) :eek:

But if possible do look at my info on tvfool, zip 75601 and see what you think, I'd appreciate it. (Because I certainly can't make sense of it; I just know that I'm not getting more than a handful or so of channels.) Thanks !
i'm sort of in the same boat as you, but for curiosity reasons I'm thinking of trying one out anyway.

with a cheap $8 RCA ANT111, I can get about 5-6 channels, and at night I can get the PBS networks but they drop out again in the morning.

Obviously, having your antenna as high as possible to be out of the way of obstacles and in the clear, is what you need to do. So an outdoor antenna may just help me. So I can get it up high, in the clear and line of sight to signals.
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Wow, I'm just not so sure you can get away with using an indoor antenna. TVFool results for 75601 show that you're 40 miles away from broadcast towers on average. You may want to try an indoor/outdoor antenna like the Antennas Direct DB2 and put it inside, or even the Antennas Direct DB4.