What is or was the most underrated show on TV?


What's a show that you liked that maybe didn't receive a lot of praise or just wasn't quite that popular?

For me it was Monk. Maybe because I sort of identified with Monk himself being a slightly obsessive compulvise and a clean freak. Plus the scripts for the show were mostly always good.
there was this show on sci fi called Dead Like me, I liked the concept and thought the show was pretty interesting. I guess they made a movie but for whatever reason the show didn't last. Seemed a shame, it was one of the few shows that was not based in reality TV. I think ha it been on a better time slot it might have made it


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The Forgotten. It was a new twist on the drama and was really intriguing. It just didn't get the viewers, and I thought that was a shame.


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LOL You could post a lot of times on this one because there are so many of them. I had mentioned The Forgotten. I could go back a long time and mention Cop Rock. Loved that thing.


Arrested Development, My OC

Arrested Development. It was one of the smartest comedies out there.

I remember it ran on FOX with The OC, the show I never thought was real as I lived in Orange County CA and never saw that OC. That's why I nicknamed AD "My OC" and tuned in every week. At the time I was living in Delaware and AD was my brief vacation to my Orange County (Huntington/Newport). :pop2:

Oh well, at least I'm back in SoCal.:dancing:


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I never watched either of those, so really can't judge them. From what I've heard, though, they aren't my style. I'm very much a traditionalist.
I just saw this on the internet, Here are the Top 20 lists of underrated TV series for the past 20 years.

1. Firefly
2. Freaks and Geeks
3. Veronica Mars
4. Arrested Developments
5. Undeclared
6. Friday Night Lights.
7. Party down
8. Wonderfalls
9.Strangers with candy
11. Sports Night
12. Action
13. Profit
14. The Job
15. Boomtown
16. I'll fly away
17. The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
18. The Tick
19. Rude awakening
20. Cupid

To know more about it click here


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It's an odd list. Brisco County was different, that's for sure. It was crazy and zany, but it did work. Cupid was good to a point but I'm not sure it was good enough to make this list.