What is the best Digital TV Antenna?



I have a Sony 32" TV with a Zenith converter box and I occasionally get a weak signal message with my cheap set of rabbit ears.

Does anyone know of a really good digital tv antenna that can pull in stations that sometimes are choppy or weak signal? I live near Los Angeles, CA if that helps.

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To start out it would really help us if you would provide us with the URL for your TV Fool "radar plot." LA is like the free TV capitol. Has your residence ever been wired for cable or satellite? If there is a satellite dish, where is it located?

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There is no such thing as the "best digital antenna". The right antenna choice depends on a viewer's specific location and the TVFOOL link dkreitchen provided above, is tool we use to determine what should work at a specific location.

For the record, attic antennas are usually better than set-top antennas and outdoor antennas almost always win. Antenna height is usually king, so be sure to enter the maximum possible antenna height above ground level into your TVFOOL survey. That website will automatically conceal your personal information, so when you post the result here it will be secure.



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I've had good results reported by customers using a 2 bay outdoor antenna indoors, especially if it's in a window facing the transmitters.

The Eagle Aspen and antennas direct DB2 both work good if you don't need VHF. A bit ugly unless you're into the industrial look, though.