What is the Best TV Brand for HD Antennas


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or does it even matter, is there any brand I should avoid.
I'm cutting the cable and buying a new tv too, thanks

Oh and if anyone here is in Dallas, let me know what antenna
you're using. I got a wineguard 55yr and it only gets cbs, so
I've got some antenna shopping to do too. thanks again for
any help or advice.


What Is The Best TV Brand For HD Antennas

Probably most current TVs will have an ATSC tuner adequate for your purposes. Check places like CNET and others for reviews of TV sets, but sadly they never seem to mention the performance of the internal tuner.

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Regarding antenna recommendations, please fill out your free antenna survey at the link below, then copy the resulting URL and post it here for us to study. Be sure to use your real address and maximum potential height above ground level. The report will automatically conceal your personal information for your security. TV Fool