What is the best universal remote?


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Looking for the best universal remote under $100. I've got a Sony LCD, DirecTV receiver, Sony Blu-ray, and Yamaha RX-V661. Posted this q at a couple of forums just to get some different opinions. :)


Believe me, none of them are. Every universal remove that I've bought has either failed, been useless, buttons didn't work correctly, or were simply a waste of time and money. It's much better to invest in some Krazy Glue and stick your DVD and TV remotes together.

Save your money and buy yourself a good movie.


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$188, ouch Amazon.com: Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote: Electronics. Touch screen looks nice, and I guess the LCD screen is a battery hog since they include a charging cradle and rechargeable batteries.
You asked which was the best ... you didn't ask which was the cheapest! :)
Hey, it could have been worse. One of us could have suggested this one http://www.dtvusaforum.com/receiver...usiast-too-much-money-3500-dollar-remote.html


Edit: Includes built-in WiFi too!

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