Question: What is the difference between dolby digital 2.0 and dolby digital 5.1


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I have a question what is the difference between dolby digital 2.0 and dolby digital 5.1, my dvd recorder records in dolby 2.0 but don't understand what mean the 2.0 just I know sound in stereo on my home theater system and have to select the natural plus mode to listen In 5.1 channels.

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2.0 means stereo with no subwoofer. 5.1 means surround with subwoofer (left, center, right, left surround, right surround, subwoofer). 7.1 adds rear surrounds all the way at the back of the room. The subwoofer channel is usually not full range (3-120Hz) to save bandwidth, hence why they call the subwoofer .1 to differentiate it.

The subwoofer channel is actually called Low Frequency Effects or LFE for short. It's supposed to be for effects such as rumbling and explosions in movies and not really just musical bass (although deep bass notes will be played through the LFE channel). In other words, it's mostly for sounds that you feel and not sounds that you hear. However most consumer surround setups don't have full range front speakers so they just use a crossover and send the front channel bass to the LFE subwoofer along with the actual LFE sounds. It really doesn't matter much unless you're listening to something like classical music with stereo bass.

Some home theater setups use transducers that shake the chairs instead of actual speakers. The effect is supposedly better. ButtKicker is one such device.

The natural plus mode in your receiver likely synthesizes surround from a stereo source.
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well is an LG all in one receiver but the only that do not like is that do not have optical input,

my dvd recorder records in dolby 2.0 and really i find ok how the mode natural sounds but i prefer switch to prologic2 music or Movie, althought Movie mode have a better front channels image than music that just spread stereo sound in all speakers,

my home theatre system does exactly what you say with the LFE channel the bass audio rattle in the room but when is soft bass the effect almost is not perceivable.

also the Virtual mode just sounds virtual but in certain dolby Digital movies or soundtracks the effect is like had more than 5 speakers around you,

well of anyway the past year i returned back the Philips Home theater because i did an firmware upgrade and as the model was for Europe the player do not played zone 4 DVD just zone 2 ones so had to return back to the store and get changed by an LG that had AM turner and more modes than just an dolby mode for everything.