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I know I and many others have had difficulties with the DirecTV app since the latest update. While I have always been able to register on the app, many others have not. I have been following many posts since the problems began and it looks like as of today, more people are reporting that they can at least register with on the app. A few people believe that must have been an update on the server side of DirecTV.

I, along with many others, report we can successfully register on the app, get it setup, and while in our home network, view and play all the channel in our package, including locals, and view our complete DVR playlist. Unfortunately, when we are out of network, ex..on LTE wireless, we are not be able to view channels below 201 on the app and are missing several DVR shows from the playlist. I am sure others are experiencing other issues, but these are the ones that I have since most frequently.

Before the UPDATE to the app, the DirecTV app was working flawlessly for me, in and out of the home. I would like to see it that way again.

I have seen many ATT reps on here reply to others questions and comments to follow some troubleshooting steps. This is the article most often referenced, https://forums.att.com/t5/DIRECTV-Apps/Having-trouble-with-Mobile-DVR-Registration/m-p/4967447

While I have followed the advice in this article, I want to make sure that I am correct in what I am seeing in the instructions and in my receiver settings. In the article it mentions:

Turn on Mobile DVR in the Genie

Press Menu. Go to Settings & Help > Settings > System Info & Test
Select More System Info and scroll down to Mobile DVR.
One of the following should populate: HR44, HR54 or H44How to connect - In-Home registration
If you do not see the DVR version, reset the receiver by pressing and holding the red reset button located near the access card. Check the status again using the steps listed above.

While I assume I did this right, where the article says I should see, "HR44, HR54 or H44How to connect - In-Home registration" I see "Mobile DVR, Internal, Active." Then it goes on to list the clients I have successfully registered, or so I think so. Should I be seeing that wording?

Then the article goes on:
How to connect - In-Home registration

Make sure your mobile device is on the same network as the Genie. If the DVR is connected to a guest network or a wired connection, the functionality may not work. A device on Wi-Fi may not be on the same network as a the DVR if it is wired due to the internal mapping of the modem. A way to determine if the mobile device is on the same network is to use the remote function on the app to see if it controls the TV.

My DVR is connected to the internet through MoCA Network via coax. The wireless is not connected, neither is the ethernet. This is what is says in the System Info. While the above instructions say you may have issues through a wired connection, I am able to change the channel via the app so again, I am assuming I have registered on the app correctly and it is "talking" with the receiver on my home network. Do I understand that correctly?

In the app, while in my home network under "DVR access", System info, it shows many things but things of mention are:
app version 4.9.101
Network-my home wi-fi
IP address
I also pass all 6/6 Connectivity Test.

While out of the home, I fail test #6 and under "System Info" it says Out of Home is not setup or sometimes it says Not connected. The ports are 8082/0.

My gear is:
iPhone 7 PLus
HR-44-software version 0xbf6 last updated 11/10
DTV app-version 4.9.101

From what I can tell, I have done everything correctly from the articles, the help of ATT reps on here, and other users.

My point in writing this novel is to give as descriptive info as I can.
ATT, is there any UPDATE to this problem? Can you confirm there is still a KNOWN issue with the app since the update?

Any other users still experience the same issues I have described above.

Thanks for reading!

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