What is TVGOS?

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Bought a Panasonic HDTV about 2 weeks ago, and discovered that it has "TVGOS" capability. I know it's an on screen guide, but how exactly does it function? Who runs the service and how is it paid for? Just seems weird that it's free.


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Unfortunately, at least for OTA TV, TVGOS (TV Guide On Screen) doesn't exist anymore, or is in the process of being phased out. It was discontinued near the beginning of this year in my market (Denver). It was ad supported and the digital version was carried as part of most CBS stations and some PBS stations depending on market. It gave 8 day guide data to supported devices. It was last owned by Rovi. There haven't been many devices that supported it in recent years, and the movement has been toward web based services such as the Microsoft and TiVo services.
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