Review: What is your favorite Star Trek Series

What is your favorite Star Trek Series

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How can you argue with the father of the series? Without TOS there is nothing else. TOS lived on in all of its babies. Long live Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, Rand, Chapel, all the red shirts, blue shirts, yellow shirts ... and Gene Roddenberry for a wonderful gift he gave mankind.


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Your point is so well taken. But, my love for the technology moved my vote to the latest, VOY.
TOS was replete with the traditional values, presentations well thought out, and even poignant at times.
That, would have been my next choice.

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This was a difficult decision. Next Generation won only to pick one and it was barely. I enjoyed all of them and could not pick a worst. The bridge crew character interaction past the first part of the first season of Next Generation was why I picked it to win my vote.

I should have read replies then posted. TOS wins in the area of social-economic-political commentary.
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Next Generation, for what Piggie mentioned about best cast interaction, plus this distinction: TNG was the first top quality, hour-long show to become a commercial success outside the paradigm of the network funded prime-time series. After TNG, syndication would no longer be associated exclusively with late-night sitcom reruns on second-tier stations. Well-regarded current offerings like Legend of the Seeker might not have had a chance if TNG hadn't already spent seven seasons blazing this trail.


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LOL Sorry, Aaron. I don't even like Enterprise. It was a huge disappointment. In my mind, it was miscast, and I resented that they did that initial attempt to not be connected to ST by keeping it out of the title, something they backtracked on later.
LOL... you guys made this thread, knowing that i'd reply to it right? :p

Anyway, I have said several times that my favorite Star Trek series is either Next Generation or Deep Space Nine...and i'd have an extremely difficult time picking between the two.

But just for the sake of argument, and because I doubt anyone else will vote for it...I will go for Deep Space Nine in this poll.

A vastly under-rated television series, and it's even largely under-rated by Star Trek fans.


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DS9 focused on other things. It was darker or edgier. They lost me, even though, thanks to reruns, I believe I've seen all of them. I liked parts of it, but then was let down by other parts of it. Goodness, even the finale was a bit of 'oh, puleez'. :}
The funny thing is that what some people dislike about Deep Space Nine such as it being darker and edgier are EXACTLY some of the reasons that I love the show so much. You were presented with a different side to the Star Trek universe than in many of the other series, and there was a greater emphasis on things such as politics that were only briefly touched upon in some of the other series.
Yeah, only that I love Deep Space Nine and really don't like the new Star Trek movie very much :p

I do at least have to give the movie some points for having some neat ideas buried in there, but it's just a shame that the complete package had to be such a letdown for me.