What kind of cable do I need to hook up a converter box?



I bought a converter box from Rite-Aid, the converter did not come with the cable to hook the tv to the converter box. How do I get that cable?
It’s model is DTA 1020


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Depending on your TV you can either use the RF coax (antenna) input (set your TV to channel 3 or 4) or the three wire (red/white/yellow) composite video/stereo audio inputs. RF coax cables are available at dollar stores for $1. Or a good source of the three wire (red/white/yellow) cables is Goodwill in their electronics section.


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Dollar stores sometimes carry the three wire RCA cables. Walmart or kmart sell them too.
I've never seen a box come without at least a length of coax, that's strange.

The 3 rca is the way to go if your TV has inputs for the- better sound and picture. Of course, you probably already have a vcr or dvd hooked up to those inputs on the TV.

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