What kind of cable should I use for TV Antenna?



I need to run a cable from my TV antenna to my TV and of all the cables in my house, nothing seems to match up to the input or output. What cabling should I use for a TV antenna? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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You will want to use RG6 coax cable (black quad shield is best). If your antenna only has 300 ohm (twin lead) connections you will need a balun or matching transformer that looks something like this:

You can get pre-cut lengths of RG6 at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy etc. If you want to make custom lengths I highly recommend getting a compression F-connector tool and connectors. Other push on and screw on types almost always fail, and the crimp type are subject to moisture problems.


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When I saw the title of this question, I was thinking that the OP might have that twin-lead (300-ohm) connection on the back of their antenna, but dkreichen1968 covered the answer pretty well already.

Only thing I can add is, if you need a balun to convert your twin lead, go with a push-on F type. Easy to install.

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