What Kind of Converter Box Do I Need?



I have a TV that needs a converter box but I'm not sure what kind it needs? Can someone please help me pick one out?


What kind of TV do you have? Pretty much all of the CECB Digital-To-Analog Converter Boxes work for 99% of television sets.
Just adding to what Aaron said, all converter boxes have the option of using RCA cables or coax cables for connecting to your TV.

You will need an indoor or outdoor antenna too, depending on how far away from the broadcast antennas you are. :)

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If you live in an area that still has low-power analog translators OR near the Canadian border where some primary stations are still analog OR near the Mexican border, your Converter box must have a function called Analog Pass-thru to receive those stations.

If you do not receive analog channels, the Channel Master CM-7000 is an excellent choice for its ability to decipher signals, even better in many cases than my Sony Bravia TV.

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