What Netflix Lost And What New Stuff You Should Check Out

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Netflix is the biggest streaming video service in the world right now, and with good reason. They have started creating their own content and have a host of new offerings coming in the next year, but studio movies are still the main draw. As the new year comes in, though, they will be dropping many movies from their service, along with adding many new ones. If you have a subscription, I’ll show you what you missed out on watching and what you will have a new chance to catch up on in 2014.

What You Missed
When movie companies sign a deal with Netflix, it is for a limited amount of time. In 2013 hundreds of movies expired and will soon be back to relying on DVD rentals or other pay for content services. They might come back in the future, but many studios would rather have customers pay for each viewing or rely on their own service.

Here’s what you are now missing out on:
-The Kids In The Hall
-Alice In Wonderland (The Disney 1951 version)
-Being John Malkovich
-Man On The Moon
-Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
-Killer Klowns From Outer Space
-I’m Gonna Get You Sucka
-50 First Dates
-Half Baked
-Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
-Requiem For A Dream
-Scary Movie
-What Dreams May Come
-World Trade Center
-The Faculty
-Many More

What’s Coming Up?
Losing some of those great, and some not so great, movies can be a big hit for some people, but that truth is that there is a lot of good content coming to Netflix in the next few weeks. The list of titles that you are losing is long, but there are these titles to help keep you company while you recover:
-Raging Bull
-Thelma and Louise
-West Side Story
-Good Burger
-The Amityville Horror
-The Brady Bunch Movie
-Tora! Tora! Tora!
-Many More

Constant Change
To combat the panic that many people have had, Netflix has tried to make it harder to find the expiration dates of movies that are currently streaming. These changes happen throughout the year, but this is the biggest time. Lucky for Netflix, their service still has a loyal fan base and these kinds of “Streamageddon” moments don’t much affect their actual subscription numbers.

Also in the news is the recent testing of new price structures, which have been expected as they acquire new movies and fund their own television shows. It isn’t cheap to constantly change your lineup like this, but a representative from the company said that they were merely testing the new prices, and might not ever implement them. These primarily deal with people who have multiple streams running at the same time, however, and shouldn’t have an affect on most of the people who subscribe to the service.

In any case, this is going to be an exciting year for Netflix and one that should draw a lot of new people in.