What New With Dish Network?, From reading these deals , Direct Tv or Dish Network?

Dish Network currently has three package deals. America's Top 120, this package includes 190+ channels for on $29.99. The thing is $25/mo. is saved for a total of 12mo. Then, there's the Americas top 200. Which has 240+ channels, while saving $30/mo. Finally America's Top 250 is the biggest package. This package offers 290+ channels , priced at $44.99 , with $35/mo. to be saved. Each deal package comes with a free Hopper Upgrade. There is free HD for 24 month. Dish Network offers a Dish Protection Plan. The warranty is free for a total of 4 months. To take advantages Dish Network go to or call 1-888-609-5712.

These package deals are quite decent. But in my opinion not nearly as much deals as Direct TV offer. Direct TV offer like 5 or 6 different package deals. I'm not accurate if the deals are still going on, but when this company does promote deals . The deals are actually worth it. Plus who can beat 3 months worth of free Starz, HBO, ShowTime and Cinemax.
But don't get me wrong I'm not trying to put Dish Network in the dumps because they're a good company as well. When comparing companies with the deals, I would say Direct TV. As far as quality between Dish Network and Direct TV, it seems like a tie. Both of these companies are well respected and top competitors at that.

If you didn't understand my title, I was trying to say. Which company would you choose Dish Network or Direct TV? Based on the knowledge I have provided you with and the knowledge you already have on Direct TV.
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