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For What service, relating to XFinity-Comcast internet question. Let me give you a little history about my problem. I ordered premium TV and 75MB Internet on 09/07/16. On 09/09/16 I was scheduled for hook up but this didn't because a "drop line" had to be done. I was told it would take 5 to 10 business days. On the 10th business (09/19/16) I called because no "drop line had been done. So then the "drop line" was rescheduled for 09/26/16 and a hook up date rescheduled for 09/30/16... needless to say that didn't make me very happy. The 26th past and no "drop line" on 09/29/16 I called and had to reschedule the hook up... again. So now I had a hook up date scheduled for 10/07/16 from 8am to 11am. I called 3 times yesterday and informed three different agents that the tech wouldn't have anything to hook up if someone didn't do the "drop line" and I was tired of rescheduling. Well the tech never showed up today (not that he/she would of had anything to hook up) so I called AGAIN!!! I was told $20 would be credited to my account and I was also transferred to a customer care rep. I was told that she would contact me within an hour to let me know the status of my escalated claim. She never called back... guess no one that works for Comcast is worth 2 cent. What's going with you guys really? How do you stay in business when you treat people like they don't even matter? Heck I'm a new customer... if you want to call me that and you guys act like you could care less. Been without TV and Internet for 28 days. What else can I do? Who can I talk to that has some pull to get the job done like a supervisor, manager, or owner? You guys do have bosses to answer to right?

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