What shows are too "scary" to watch at night?


Are there any shows that are too "scary" (or perhaps just too stressful!) for you to watch at night?

I know I try to watch certain things - American Horror Story Asylum, for instance - in the daytime and/or when other people are in the house. Even if I'm not really frightened by the shows or movies, it can just be easier if I watch something a little more calming right before I go to bed, like cartoons. I have some insomnia and trouble keeping a normal sleep schedule as it is. (I should probably just avoid watching TV altogether after a certain hour, because of the light, but that's another story...)

What shows do you avoid at night? Or does nothing disturb your sleep?


Penny Dreadful should not be on your watch list before bedtime and American Horror. Dexter is not something I would choose to watch before heading to sleep, but it is not that scary. Jack Nicholson is scary when he looks like the Shining, but that's me with my fears!

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