What to do if DIRECTV technicians admittedly can't find a suitable antenna location?

What to do if DIRECTV technicians admittedly can't find a suitable antenna location?

I have moved into another house that was furnished with DIRECTV (pre-existing antenna on southern wooden siding near vented gable over a metal roof) and have been told there is no suitable area to put up an antenna. The old antenna location requires the technician to walk a few inches onto the roof (which is now disallowed), and simple scaffolding is never to be used. I had signal problems at my old house less than a year ago, and the DIRECTV tech walked out onto my roof where the antenna is and changed out a length of cabling that was weathered and old - evidently no problems a few months back concerning getting onto the roof. I have landscaping plants, shrubs, and trees around my house, so the antenna must be above the trees. There is another location on the east with wooden side accessable while on a ladder, but probably needs to stand out further from the house to look south from an eastern side. But the supervisor rejected that idea insisting that the wooden siding is not strong enough to hold the antenna is 80mph tornado winds and get sued for damages, despite the old antenna mounting is the exact same structure (and I'm certain my house insurance company will go after DIRECTV for repair reimbursement should the old antenna damage to the siding occur because they had the option to remove the old antenna and refused to do so). The alternatives I was told is to put the antenna on a post only 3 feet off the ground in a non-tree meadow some 80+ feet away from the house and trench through the landscaping and under a retaining wall (all at my expense). I would think signal loss through the cable alone would reject that location. Every idea I came up with was met with some lame excuse by the supervisor. DIRECTV will not even allow me to mount the antenna myself and service it on my own with parts they supply.
Not having satellite service also prevents me from replaying the recorded programs on the harddrive, which is opposite from what technical service advised me. Becuase the format of the harddrive is propriatary, I can't even watch the recorded programs from a computer.
If you are a DIRECTV supervisor, please tell me what other options there are that two weekends of technician visits might have overlooked.

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