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i'm new to this forum so please bare with me, the question i have is i want to find out what type antenna i would have to buy and what and how many channels max will i receive, i live in the northwest part of las vegas at (main cross roads). i have a couple of trees on my neighbors property about twenty five to thirty feet tall and no other tall structures except a steeple maybe 50 ft high on the southeast corner of (main cross roads) any help would be appreciated.......
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I'm not sure where you are based on your discription but here is an approximate tvfool. TV Fool You may get by with an indoor antenna. If not a small VHF/UHF outdoor antenna pointed at about 130 degrees magnetic will get you great reception. As far as channels are concerned. Vegas TV Stations


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Most houses in Vegas are stucco - they have wire mesh under the stucco.

I'd really try to get your antenna outside. All transmitters are located on Black Mountain in Henderson, you should just need a small antenna, like the RCA ANT-751
rca ant751 - Google Search

The big problem is going to be KSNV-DT, NBC - channel 3 (RF channel 2) being low VHF.

Fringe Reception

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Mr Pogi,

Do you think if he used a 'modern' indoor antenna that also has traditional 'rabbit ears' \/ he could receive RF channel 2?

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The problem would be the metal mesh in most stucco houses common to the deserts.

If it is most any other construction, it should be okay.