What Type of HDTV has the Lowest Energy Usage?


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What type of HDTV has the lowest energy usage? LED, LCD, Plasma?

I have friends who are planning on moving off grid, and they would like to have a TV with a 19" or larger screen that uses as little energy as possible. Actually, 12 Volt DC operation would be preferable since otherwise they will need to use an inverter.

Any thoughts?



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LED most definitely by about 20% compared to regular LCDs which use cold cathode fluorescent lamps.

Plasmas are definitely power hogs. In fact I think many of them burn more power than CRTs. That is why the Gov't wants so badly to regulate them.

I have a LED and a LCD TV I can compare. It won't be a fair fight since the LED is 32 inch vs the LCD which is 52 inch but it should give you an idea. I've measured almost a kilowatt of power consumption when all my a/v gear in the bedroom including the 52 inch LCD is on.
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I found the Haier line of LED TVs are 12 volts - see the image of inputs at this link:
Haier HL22XSL2 Black 22-Inch Ultra Slim LED LCD HDTV

12 V is not documented in the ad, but the panel shows DC in, and one of the comments remarks on it as 12v and great for the RV. I don't know what the energy draw is, you could look for the manuals online for specs. There is a grid on the page to compare different sizes / models - they appear to available from 19 to 42". Lots of nice features and the price on the 22" is decent, under $200, and the 32 is under $700! (white only) I may have to buy one for my back up system.