Question: What would be the best antenna for me?

I am looking for a new antenna. I currently have one located on the chimney. For some reason, I am unable to get any channels consistently. Right now I don't have any channels. All of the connections are tight, the antenna looks fine, and the rotor is working. So, we are getting a new antenna. According to FCC, I am able to get 4 moderate main channels and many weak channels (HiV and UHF). AntennaWeb has me listed for 6 channels both blue and violet. The channels are from 29-55 miles. There are hills and mountains around. I am looking at the Wingard HD 7698P and CM 5020. There are some others, however, they might be too much for 1 person to handle.

Here's an exact link to the report Dan asked for. TV Fool

Please use your exact address and enter a height for your antenna. You will get what we affectionately call "a Fool Report." Copy the link "to share these results with others" that appears toward the top of the page and paste it into a post in this thread. It automatically protects your address from prying eyes.

We can offer very little guidance without this information.

Here you go. TV Fool
I appreciate the help.
Thanks for the info. I gotta tell ya, you have a pretty tough Fool report. However, you ought to get something with a decent antenna.

What is the make and model of your current antenna -- the one that isn't working? Also, which way is it pointed? It looks like you could get a pretty good lineup just with the stations at 155° on a compass. Are there any obstructions in line-of-sight between your antenna and the transmitters? The Fool report should be seeing the hills and mountains, but any additional obstruction might be the straw that broke the camel's back.

The mountains make your situation unpredictable. If you have a decent antenna, it might pay to try several different heights, directions and positions. Even ground level can sometimes work a miracle. But the one LOS (line-of-sight) station you can't get is a puzzler.



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A Wingard HD 7698P should give you ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, MyNetworkTV, CW and PBS if pointed at 155 degrees magnetic (144 degrees actual). That will include MeTV, PBS Encore, Bounce, Get TV, THIS, and ZUUS Country.


I am not sure about the make and model of the antenna. I believe that it is a medium directional antenna. We just realized that the cable had frayed and that is why we think that we weren't getting any channels. So, I have ordered a new cable. We were getting 8 and 49 sometimes 27. I don't have a compass. I'm not sure how to find 155 degrees. It seems that we would get even more channels with the Windgard HD

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You wrote: I don't have a compass. I'm not sure how to find 155 degrees.

Are you kidding me? Its just a little 'that-away' from 180 (south). Every 5th grader and Cub Scout in the 1960s knew how to find general directions (look at the stars) 50 years ago. Is no one teaching the basics to the youth any more?