What would make DTVUSAForum a better place to visit?

Jason Fritz

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Throw some ideas up when you guys and girls get time.

Here are mine:

1. TVFool type reception data for users to input and receive channel/broadcast tower location (Trip, you're my only hope for this one...make me an offer to put this on dtvusaforum and keep it updated :))

2. Streaming TV content. I'd like to work a deal with some local TV channels for news broadcasts, etc. Probably a long way from doing something like that but I did receive an offer from CBS on some non-exclusive content.

3. More forum members.

4. More DTV news? What type of news items would you prefer? Audio/Visual? DTV broadcaster updates? HD News? TV Gossip and Actor News?

Fringe Reception

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I'd like to hear you elaborate on your #2 proposal regarding local TV channels and the type of content you have in mind.

I'm shooting from the hip on this so correct me if i'm wrong. In Seattle we enjoy several 'big-name alternative' Networks such as RTV and now, MeTV. I receive them via OTA sub-channel and some are also carried at least somewhere in the Country over pay systems like Comcast.

Are there smaller "up and coming" Networks that are currently limited to sub-channels and not (yet) carried by pay-for-view that would like to make themselves better known, in the hope they get picked up by 'paid for TV'? If so, they might pay us to be seen here.