Whatever Spectrum did, they messed up my internet connection. Need help. - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Whatever Spectrum did, they messed up my internet connection. Need help.", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. So I’ll try to make this as short as possible. I moved into a new apartment the beginning of July. I have spectrum 100mbps internet with my own gateway router modem (netgear C6250-100NAS or also known as AC1600). My internet was usually fine, however, it would occassiaonly drop out. It would reboot and often the upstream logo would blink green. I did some research and found that this could be an issue with my line but I’m obviously not sure.

Next, I decided to call spectrum and explain my problem. However, when looking at my account, they noticed they had messed up part of the activation process when moving my account from my old apartment to the new one. I had called before I moved to the new place and I went through all the proper steps of transferring. Somehow they still had information from the previous tenant at my new apartment intertwined with my account. Basically, my router was resetting occassioanlly because the information wasn’t lining up with what they had in their system. They made it sound like it would be an easy fix. I gave them the serial number and MAC address of my router modem. But as soon as they got this information and refreshed it to push the new content, the internet took a crap. I started getting a cable connection error within my routers setup page that said “network access denied by MSO.” My routers downstream and upstream logos began blinking green and have continued too since. My internet logo on the router is also greyed out. I called back two separate times, which both took over an hour and none of the troubleshooting steps worked. Strangely, on their end, everything was reading fine, even after diaognostics. They decided I needed a tech too come out and take a look. This is fine, but I have to wait two days for them to come. This is a very stressful time for me as my grandpa passed away this weekend and I was supposed to head three hours north Wednesday, yet the only available technician is at 2pm on Wednesday so I’m delayed.

My main concern is them trying to blame the problem on my router/modem. I know for **bleep** sure that it’s not the problem. I’m worried that they they will try and charge me for something they caused. Does anyone have any advice on what could be the issue or how I should go about this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Whatever Spectrum did, they messed up my internet connection. Need help.?