What's a good XM antenna for portable receiver?


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I have the Pioneer Inno handheld receiver for XM radio which I use at my office a few times a week. Every once in a while I have some pretty spotty reception. I saw the FM / HD antenna guide in here and tried searching for a XM antenna thread in here but didn't notice any. Hope I'm in the right forum for this, but are there any good or recommended XM antennas?


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Hello Dave, and welcome to the forum.

That is a great question. One I havent really pondered yet. However the the HD Radios are going to have similar troubles with their hand small hand held units like the Insignia HD50, and the upcoming Zune HD.

Im not familiar with Sat. Radio enough to opine....but Im sure that one day soon, I will be. FM is a much longer wavelength transmission from what I understand. Maybe just a bit of appropriate length wire would help.

I do know that many FM portables use headphone wires as antennas.
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Maybe there is a need for a Sat. Radio Antenna Guide. I may do a short addendum to the FM HD Radio Antenna Guide on them for now, but I still have a lot of work to do on the FM HD Radio Antenna Guide.


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I really like the look of the XMp3 and options but it's $284.99 and out of stock on the XM site.

Record up to 100 hours of XM programming
Store MP3 or WMA files on a removable microSD card (sold separately)
Manage your music with the XM2go Music Manager software
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Record up to 5 channels at the same time
Portable Highlights: See what's playing on XM
Set your favorite XM channels

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