What's All the Hubbub?

All the fuss over the transition to digital, converter boxes, coupons...I hope some folks whose tv is their best or only companion get the assistance they need to stay connected! Anyway, it sounds like there's been a governmental decsion to extend the GREAT CONVERSION DATE (ninety days?) from the original countdown to February 17th! It seems like there are a whole bunch of folks in the same situation: expired coupons (2) for every variety of reason! With the extension, will it be likely (and what will the process involve, sacrificing our first born?) that appeals for reissuing of expired coupons will be like the first freeze in Hell or a little more easily accomplished?:confused:

Please advice though for now it seems all we can do is wait and see since the extension. Anyway, do I have,


Jason Fritz

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For now, the Senate sent a second DTV delay bill for vote. If the House approves, it's pretty much a done deal. Until then, who knows...

Edit: Actually it looks like it is going to pass with only a simple majority vote needed from the House. They've added some verbage that'll allow some stations to transition before the June 12th delay date. It just keeps getting better. ;)
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