What's New For Hulu Plus?

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Despite the love for Netflix, Hulu Plus is still a strong competitor when it comes to streaming content. House of Cards brought Netflix a lot of attention, but Hulu Plus is making sure that they have plenty to offer in 2014. This is both in terms of completely original programming and new properties that they’ve acquired recently.

The Classics

In the next couple of months Hulu Plus is going to be premiering a huge number of classic shows. Happy Days, Cheers, The Brady Bunch and Everybody Loves Raymond are going to be premiering. This adds to the huge back catalog that they already have for other studios and networks.

New Acquisitions

Hulu Plus spends a lot of time finding new properties to bring to their service. Of particular interest is the new Sherlock Holmes show coming from CBS. Elementary will be available on Hulu once the season is completed, which gives subscribers plenty of time to catch up. It’s one of the big draws for CBS, so it will surely find new fans on Hulu Plus.

For the kids, there is also a very interesting new show coming. The Doozers has already aired in other countries, but Hulu Plus will be the only place to find it in America. This is a spin off series of the 80s classic children’s show Fraggle Rock.

Hulu Originals

There are a lot of Hulu Originals coming along in the next month.

A new season of the Seth Meyers animated cartoon The Awesomes will be premiering this Spring. Quick Draw will also be back along with Behind The Mask and more.

-The Awesomes
This animated show about a superhero team shows what happens when the hero in charge leaves the group. Everyone from Keenan Thompson to Ike Barinholtz are back this season, which premiers this Summer.

-Quick Draw
Period shows are popular right now, but Hulu Plus has one of the only comedies set in the 1800s. Combined with that is the CSI style investigations that a new sherif brings to the town of Great Bend, Kansas. The new season is a while away, but this is the perfect time to catch up.

This is a unique one. Created by Tom Hollander of Pirates of the Caribbean fame, this show follows an inner-city reverend who tries to bring his parish together. Look for a new season in the early Summer.

-Farmed and Dangerous
Farmed and Dangerous is strange. Chipotle decided they would like to have a show of their own and spent $1 million creating a show that follows the agriculture business and also serves to promote their own products. They want to show their customers where their food comes from, so why not entertain them? The first episode cam out on February 17.

The next few months will be exciting for Hulu Plus users. They have been an underdog when it comes to original content and new programming, but they might be able to have a leg up on Netflix now with the sheer number of programs that they are going to be offering in the near future.
Everybody Loves Raymond will forever be a great tv show for generations to come. It emphasizes the average family and the importance of having family. Family go through their ups and downs ,but threw it all they stick together when it's necessary , and lets face it every family has a brat like Raymond who always gets their way. No matter how old they're ,they will always remain the favorite. I have a baby boy who loves to watch tv shows like sponge bob, oomie zoomie, bubble guppies and so forth. So, if Hulu offer better shows then Netflix and or movies . Then I will try and give them a chance as well. Then I'll be the judge of who is better .