What's the appeal?


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I think the appeal is seeing people that have been struggling much of their lives learn to become motivated and make a change. The show has also really shown great relationships between family members and friends as they go through the challenges, too. Atleast that's why I like it.
Why do you watch the Biggest Loser? I've watched the show maybe once or twice since it's been on, but I'm not sure what the appeal is.
Aww this is very good show. Competition with weight loss, elimination, and even if contestants get voted off the show, they still win by losing weight. I always get sucked into the different personality's that are on every season. The last couple of seasons, they've added couples and family members as partners which really makes for an interesting twist in the show.


Why do you watch the Biggest Loser? I've watched the show maybe once or twice since it's been on, but I'm not sure what the appeal is.
This is like the best show! Just watch from the beginning, otherwise you won't develop a connection with the characters. It's the best. :)


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Oh I love to see their progress and the people loosing the weight, I love when they stand on the scales and the look on their faces.


I watch this show every single week. Every season. I am amazed at the transformation these people make in the short time they are at the ranch. It's truly amazing how they change their lives and help others in their families and their friends.

I was sad to see Dane go this past week. I really loved the original Black team.

Watching Bob cry was so hard- it made me so sad!

Jillian is my favorite trainer.
Jillian is very tough. I would be scared to have her..lol

I think just seeing them overcome the obstacle of obesity is the best thing about the show. I have to say, my favorite part of the show is seeing them all after they leave the ranch. Anybody can do it with a personal trainer and living in the tight quarters that they are in--it is after they go home that is the real test. I love to see their new bodies--it is like they are new people.


True Sweet... Although I'm not sure anyone can do it- You need to have the willpower on the ranch too.
I love seeing them all come back!
I think only 1 or 2 of the people have gained all the weight back and that is very sad!


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I could not agree with you more- this show absolutely fascinates me. I love watching people overcome struggles and since weight is something that can be controlled by the person, it's awesome to watch people transform.
So inspiring!!


This is my favorite reality show. It is very motivational to me. Just seeing these people put their heart and soul into transforming their bodies and becoming healthy.

Jillian is very tough. Bob is a great trainer too. This season he has been tougher than I have seen before. When he got mad at Joelle during the workout, he was pulling a Jillian on her.

I do think that you have to have your heart into it. This season the orange team boy who went home early didn't really have his heart into the game. When he got back to the ranch, he even told the others that he didn't mind leaving. Too bad because his partner really was doing well being the heaviest player ever.


The biggest loser is the best show out there now. This show gives great hope to people who want to lose weight. If people don't think they can, they can watch how these people lose so much weight by working hard and keeping a good mindset. Everything can be reached with a lot of hard work.


When people watch the biggest loser, everyone can see how someone who thinks they have nothing left because they are overweight can lose the weight and gain a normal life. This show is great, and I hope it stays on the air for a long time to come.
This show is trash and nothing more.

Who has the time in regular life to do such extreme training?
Who has someone at his side to help not to eat the right things?

No one.

If you believe you can loose your pounds on your own -like they do in Biggest Looser- then you are dreaming.

And all of the people taking part of it are loosing their pounds only to win at the end. Yes, they all say it is the weight they want to loose...but at the end you only will see them fighting for the money.