What's the deal with HDMI cables?


Could someone explain to me what the big deal is about HDMI cables? We just have a new TV and people are in our ears about using HDMI instead of what we had on the old TV. What's so special about them, except they cost more?


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They aren't all that special, and DON'T believe what the store tells you that you need expensive HDMI cables. HDMI cables carry both digital video AND audio over a single cable, and provide for DRM - digital rights management, or copy protection.

If you are using composite video cables - 3 cables, 1 for video and 2 for sound - there will be a big difference. Composite video is not capable of carrying HD video and surround sound. If you have component video - 3 video cables, plus 2 audio, you will see little difference between that and an HDMI cable.

People are regularly ripped off by salesmen when they buy a new TV, and talked into buying an overpriced HDMI cable. Why? not because an expensive cable is better. There is a HUGE profit margin on those cables!

Don't ever pay more than $20 for an HDMI cable unless it is more than 20 feet long or it's going to be buried in a wall.
Here's where I get mine: Monoprice.com HDMI Cable

Their BEST 6 foot HDMI cable will set you back less than $7 + shipping.


Thank you for this explanation. It is going to save us from being ripped off. The store we go to here was selling them for considerably more than $20 and it sounds like it would have been a real waste.


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Thanks for this explanation, Pogi. I've never really understood it. I need to let my sister know what you said; she doesn't get them either.