What's the difference between a digital television and a HDTV?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
I'd like to replace a TV that's been giving me trouble so I've been looking at what the store advertises as HDTVs. My problem is that I just want a DTV. I don't need a fancy picture! Why can't I find any? Do stores just sell HDTVs now days? What's the difference between the two?


HDTV means High Definition. It's a TV that has a higher DPI than normal TV, resulting in a far sharper image.

DTV however, is not a television. DTV is the means by which the signal is delivered to your house. If you have cable, then that's DTV. If you use an antenna, then that's ATV, or Analog Television.

As for what DPI means, it means Dots Per Inch. Basically, how many pixels there are on the television screen. The higher it is, the sharper the image.