What's the main differences between DirecTV and Dish Network?

We're in the market for a new cable or satellite TV service. Been thinking about getting Dish Network but my husband seems to think there's more sports programming with DirecTV. Does anyone know what the main differences between these two services are? Overall customer satisfaction?


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If your husband likes to watch football, DirecTV is literally in another league with its NFL Sunday Ticket package. No doubt, it's more costly when you factor that in, but sports coverage is one of DirecTV's main advantages.
Sports = DirecTV
Cost = Dish Network
Programming = Tie
Whole Home DVRs = DirecTV only because it has more tuners. Dish Network has a nice setup too with their Hopper DVR which can autoskip commercials.
Which to go with = What you're looking for in programming and costs because both services are pretty good.